Finish one war, start another

5 Feb

Remember this?

If you believe news reports, it seems likely that Israel will attack Iran in an attempt to knock out its ability to make nuclear weapons. Iran denies it has plans to build such weapons. The reports took me back to those days when we were threatening to attack Iraq because it had weapons of mass destruction. There were no weapons, but we did, of course, attack.

Question for thought: If Iran truly did not intend to build nukes, would the U.S. and the Israelis acknowledge that and back off?

Second question: If you were the leader of Iran, would you prefer to be an unthreatened nation without nukes who concentrates on making money from oil, or one who plans to build nukes and has its economy destroyed by an attack from a neighbor allied with the U.S.?

If pre-emptive action is necessary, I prefer cyber war to hot war. Generally, no one dies. It also is less expensive. The downside: it invites  counter-attacks, which require not billions in military spending but only a single, clever mind.

A recent cyber attack on Iran’s reactors proved pretty successful. I assumed that was going to be the continued course of action. Seems I was wrong. I also thought the Iranian nuke problem was mostly solved by the assassinations of its top nuke scientists.

Wrong again.

Perhaps nations wouldn’t build nuclear weapons if they felt secure and unthreatened. How does one go about doing that? Religion is a logical start, but I think that was tried and actually made things worse.

Anyway, we all should brace ourselves for another major world conflict, a loss of the recent stock market gains and the fun and excitement of lining up for $5 a gallon gas.

One Response to “Finish one war, start another”

  1. Sheila Sabol February 13, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    Iran has stated clearly that they believe the Mahdi is out of his well, and according to ruling elite of Iran he expects bloodshed to be all over the earth so that he can then rule the world in Caliphate. They have no interest in any peaceful solutions. It is against the will of their “savoir?” (think antichrist) and would not make him happy. They write, speak and dream about this. They shout it from the rooftops. The poor people of Iran are being ruled by a “mad man” group of people that will do the will of THEIR ideology and not the will of the people.
    What do you know of this? IT is a story you should look into, because it is NOT logical…..but ideological, maniacal really, and is the true story behind what is happening not only in Iran, but all across the “Arab spring” countries. They hate anyone that is not a true Islamist and no amount of conjecture on how “we” (the rest of the world?) behave will ever change that fact. Too sad.


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