Class Warfare Parable

4 Feb

How many do you have?

Here is what I call a Class Warfare Parable, a simple little story that tries – and I think succeeds – in saying a lot about class. It appeared in a piece by syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., who heard it from one of his students.

This is it:

A rich white man sits with a poor white man and a poor black man at a table laden with cookies. The rich white man snatches all the cookies but one, then turns to the poor white man and says, “Watch out for that darky. I think he wants to take your cookie.”

3 Responses to “Class Warfare Parable”

  1. Rick Senkowsky February 8, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Interesting…and at one time it may have had some merit although I am not sure when….but today I think it would be more like that the government stole the cookies and then went to the media and proceeded to tell them that the rich white guy took them and upon hearing this the “Al & Jesse” crowd would run to the poor black guy and tell him the “evil” white folks took them all. This to keep the myth alive.


    • NotebookM February 8, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

      Rick, why do so many people think the government is in league with the poor against the rich? If that were true, the poor WOULD be rich. One of the reasons the rich are so rich is because every government — Democrat and Republican — puts so many Goldman Sachs alums in top positions. I keep hearing that Obama is a socialist. If that is true, he is doing one lousy job of being one.


  2. Rick Senkowsky February 15, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    I don’t think they are…..They use the dependent class as pawns….items to parade around and “show how bad things are”. They enable the promotion of class warfare…simple as that. Wealthy people are wealthy because of the risks they took, an athlete, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, even a dreaded CEO all took risks and made decisions that made them wealthy, risks and decisions I might add that were available to ALL of us and for those decisions they are entitled to their spoils.

    Now if you want to discuss the financial industry I will and it is real simple as cold as it may sound. Those companies are in the business of making money regardless of how they have to do. I agree with your comments about the well placed individuals patting each others backs but they are financial companies with a quest for profit….period.

    Let’s see the nationalization of the banking, student loans, automobiles and possibly health care…..and the continued demonization of the evil wealthy wage earner…..This country likes the middle and you and I both know he cannot spout out left leaning rhetoric now….but I would his ideology is more socialist or even national socialist leaning than what the American public is used to.

    Just a couple of meandering thoughts


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