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In snowy Conshohocken, contemplating a shift of fate

17 Feb


I invite everyone to read a commentary I wrote for today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. The editors there are skilled, and I believed they improved the essay by removing the final paragraph, which read:


Oddly, I felt it necessary to have a plan. After some thought I decided it would be this: For the night I would hide out in the CVS restroom. For breakfast I would have Valentine’s Day chocolates, an entire box. I’d attend 6 a.m. mass and be at the library the minute it opened. And all the while, shower-less and dejected, my heart would long for spring.


I leave behind this detached piece of verbiage as a prod that might get you to find out what the hell I was writing about. The photo is only a small hint.


Lanny Morgnanesi

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