The 47 percent is really the 1 percent.

22 Sep

Let’s be logical for a moment.

If I have something of value, to whom am I likely to give it ?  Someone who gives me nothing in return, or someone who provides me with a replacement form of value?

We know the answer.

It is a reflection of human nature. It is the art and science of the marketplace.

You got nothing; you get very little.

The federal government possesses something of value, namely the money in its treasury. Does it mostly go to the poor, who give nothing in return to lawmakers and don’t even vote? Or to the very rich, who bankroll elections and do vote?

True, there are some illusions worked into the system, like Obamacare, a healthcare system that seemingly benefits the poor – and in fact does. But not in the way that it benefits the all-powerful insurance industry.

What conservative describe as socialism in America is really a skilled, deft way of funneling tax money to the corporate world and the 1 percenters.  Of course, a great deal more money takes a direct route and never goes anywhere near the poor.

I’m not sure what conservatives call that.

Almost every highly successful business or businessperson spends heavily to finance elections. Conversely, if a successful business does not, it is likely to be crushed by competitors who do. Microsoft was a rare example of a corporate giant that stayed out of the political arena. When the Justice Department came after it on anti-trust charges, it changed its strategy.

The 1 percenters, be they people or corporations, need friends.

President Nixon was friends with Pepsi and brought it to Russia.

President Carter was friends with Coke and brought it to China.

The competitors of the two drinks stayed home and lost market share.

So when Mitt Romney speaks about the 47 percent who rely on government, he doesn’t let on that some of his ilk might be selling apples on the street if it weren’t for government support.

In summary then, if Congress votes to give every poor person in America an iPhone 5, it’s not because America is a socialist country. It’s not because politicians like poor people. It’s because the lobbyist for the cell phone industry, after providing great sums to politicians, had a very good day on Capitol Hill.

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