Can’t we just stay home and make money?

7 Mar

Much is being written about Iran and a possible attack. If it happens, it will be an Israeli initiative that requires U.S. military support … a pre-emptive strike designed to stop a nuke program. Obama has spoken with some caution, but the Republicans seem to want a new war. In all this, it rarely is said that both American and Israeli intelligence agencies believe Iran discontinued its nuclear program in 2003.

The New York Times wrote at least once about this, but doesn’t mention the intelligence in fresh stories. No one does. Is this yet another case of ignoring the facts to accomplish the dastardly?

Why the madness? If one can’t accept the moral arguments for peace, I hope they can accept the financial ones.


One Response to “Can’t we just stay home and make money?”

  1. beaufortninja March 7, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    It really makes you wonder. If there are no conceivable benefits to a war then who is it good for? Chances are it’s someone rich pulling the strings who stands to make a lot of money. I bet some of the owners of the major news networks are going to make some money too, seeing as how they’re broadcasting propaganda 24/7.


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